Getting Green Tea ready for the trip


Yes I am finding any opportunity to wrap handlebar tap. I am starting to suspect I have develop a fetish to wrap tapes as well as polishing leather saddles. Look at how nice the tape blends in itself.

While I am not sure how good this bar would do for my Aikido wrists, it does give Green Tea a bit more traditional randonneur look. The cable lengths may not be the most ideal, but the tensions are adjusted. Now just need to be tested  for the final okay.


Prints: Eyes watering posters


Many good stuff pops up when you go idea surfing. While keeping the work as original as it can be can be hard, great stuff also pushes you to make better things.

These posters are great motivators!

1. The not-to-be 2012 Olympic Posters – Simplistic and informative. My favorite is the clean reference to which station to see a particular event. Great Work Mr Clarke.

2. King of the Road – A completely different vision of the one I get from the song of the same name. Funny if you listen to the lyrics, some part of it does fit a cyclist profile. Poster crafted by Brainstorm.

3. Hill or No Hill – This is my absolute favorite. There is always a wow factor to lasering and embossing, but this one just makes so much sense. I guess also when there is a bicycling reference, I get sucked in. Materialise by Mr Gist.


Obu Exchange Program 2011


I am getting ready to go to work in Obu later  in the autumn season.

I have been very fortunate being given the opportunity to work in Obu City for three months and just do what I love – riding bicycles.

The program is aiming to focus on safety and experience,  increasing the rider’s confidence on road where bicycle treatments may not necessarily be provided. The added bonus of course is Japan have many lovely places and landmarks, and riding allows a more intimate experience of these aspects of the country.

My neck is growing longer by the day when just thinking about it. I hope I can take Green Tea with me.


Yes to colour pencils~


Like many artist, I am a stationery junkie. When I was younger and money-less the 24 pack Faber Castell watercolour pencils was the pinnacle. I still remember when my Grandma brought it for me I thought there is nothing I cannot colour. I treasure that feeling.

Just then I bumped into a recent Faber Castell advertisement by Ibrax. It’s quite fitting to that feeling I had many years ago.

Execution-wise I don’t think there is much more it really need. It definitely make me want to dig out the colour pencils again.

sonny-rollins bw

Jazz night


Tonight I had a wonderful opportunity to see Sonny Rollins in action.

Dad would often play “Way Out West” album when I was young and without making much effort Jazz really grew on me very early on.

I did wish it was in a different venue, it seems the audio didn’t groove the way it should.

Overall it was a great experience. Mr Rollins’ long breath can match my Aikido sensei. The drum solo was also a highlight.

I am in the mood for more. It’s a shame I have already missed out on the tickets to Mr Ron Carter’s concert.

Photo credit: Melbourne Jazz Festival 2011  - John Abbott (text by me)


Waiting impatiently


I can’t wait to soak in that honey tint sunlight of Japan and casually absorb the nature around Tokyo. I mean casually because honestly I am real hiker. But I always have a soft spot for it as I use to hike with Mum and Dad often when I was young.

The plus with travelling in Japan is food. Your destinations anywhere in this country almost always reward you with good food. Some of the treats in this book looked sooo tasty.

Yes and the lovely pair of Diemme are a great prop for this shot :)

Under Construction

Almost here


It’s almost back online. I am keen to make this version bit more lifely and decided to switch from Flash to WordPress Please contact me via hello@akakumo.com if you have any urgent enquiry. Have a good day!
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