Bumpy ride from Melbourne to Obu


I made it.

Spend 36+ more hours in Hong Kong then expected because of the typhoon in southern Japan. This has allowed me to spend some unexpected time with Mum.

From the airport, the Obu-City-mobile took us to town safely in the crazy weather. If the same situation happened in Melbourne, I bet the Westgate would chicken out and had to be closed. One of the first thing on my first Sunday here with the Ellen and Kitsune sama was to check out the city hall. Many officers were preparing for the typhoon and ensuring all the emergency procedures are running smoothly. Thankfully the arashi (storm in Japanese) passed without causing much damage to Obu.
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The Panda is turning 50 years old


Well the organisation turning 50 this year, all of the more reasons we should show more love for our world. It’s one very small bit we could do for the hours of heating we clocked up this winter, or for throwing away that perfectly reusable paper that was creased when it was jammed in the printer or even the bike tubes we have thrown away…


90s Gazelle Formula Race


My first road bike is completed! It’s also the first non Japanese bike. The Gazelle is better known for its cargo bikes and upright bikes than it’s racing past. It was really lucky for me to scoop this new old stock from a lovely gentleman from Amsterdam.

Following Tofu and Green tea, it is time for some junk food.  This one is dubbed the Fast Food!

The bigger pics are here

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The Prius Bike


This is awesome! I guess because it’s so fresh and new there is that element to it. Shifting the gears with your minds with the reader incorporated into the helmet. I think helmet advocates must love this!

While it is a wonderful piece of technology, and wonderful looking bike, if shifting with your fingers is too much work for you right now, you might as well not ride. And if this technology goes into a car, I am afraid it just makes drivers even more lazy…

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