What are these kids playing to win?



No…this is my dinner. As for the kids I spend this morning with Ellen at one of the Kindergaten in Obu. The kids are very well behaved and I had loads of fun just being silly. May be I do better as a Kinder teacher than an engineer. Guess I’ll test that out of my remaining Kinder visits. It might just be they are a good bunch of kids…


Ride around Chita Hanto


Kuno san and some of the riding crew has kindly let me tag along their ride. It was clear later on it wasn’t just a tag along ride. They took me to artist’s workshops and we had too much pit stops for a 100km all so bike ride.

We started at the City Hall and everyone’s bike has quite a large price tag on them. Funny how that got me quite scared this is really serious and there would be no way I can follow the pack.
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Japan’s wonders: Alfa Rice


The right way to cook rice is to use a rice cooker. Don’t let TV chef tell you that cooking them in a saucepan get you the right texture.

Until I ate this. Now you can use cold water and in an hour you get tasty rice. Yes, it’s not hot but it’s definitely way better than saucepan rice.

When you open it, it’s hard to imagine is would be any different from normal rice

Ooguchi san from Safety Division explaining disaster prevention to parents

This rice can be purchase is large supermarket and serve as supply for emergency situation, including if you pulled a fake sicky and lives too close to work to go out for a meal.

I’ll try to send some back. But I’ll bet every penny the¬†Quarantine¬†would eat it themselves

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