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Since I have got a touring bike getting a bike bag was definitely on the list. Bike bags generally are not the most good looking accessory and for a traditional bike, the need to look ‘right’ is very important at least to me).

Luckily the trip to Nagoya last year meant I was able to visit one of the bike bag makers in Japan. The bags were made to order as every bike’s dimension can differ.

RSA SUN Bags has a good range of bag models for handlebar and saddle. Their full leather saddle bag is my favorite saddle bag design that I’ve seen so far. But my budget is limited and I wanted both handlebar and saddle bags to balance the weight on the bike. So I ordered Type II bags for my bike.

This is my favourite function despite the fact I have a GPS system. Having a large map in front is safer way to get a quick glance of where you are at.

Plenty of room. The Canon 30D and the 40mm lens gives some perspective of the size of the bag.

The Type II handlebar bag opens towards the handlebar, so it is not the best version if you like to get items from the bag when you are riding. I like to put valuables in the handlebar bag and put lighter stuff such as jacket, snacks and small tools in the saddle bag. The saddle bag can hold heavier things without distorting. I have placed 5 cans for drinks and other 3 onigiri when as I was riding home one night on top of my usual jacket & tools. It was jammed packed but there was no noticeable shift of the bag.

I would recommend RSA SUn bags any day if ou are in the market any day. They are worth the money and the total 120km to travel on my bike to get them. The Adachi couple is one of the loveliest people I have met. They also make motocycle accessories and really know their stuff!

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  1. july kong said:

    I also like the bag as it matches with the color of your bike. looks like they are in one piece. People who love the work they do are the lucky people or think it this way, no body can do it better than i do in my work should also feel proud of myself. I am also a loveable person:-)

  2. ely said:

    Stunningly beautiful! Thank you for posting this.

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