森林 – Forest

Han characters (漢字), also known as Chinese characters are generally make up of a number of principals, one of which is pictograph.

One of the best example in chinese (japanese as well!) of a pictograph word is ‘Forest’. The word is comprised of two characters both of which are made up of the character ‘wood’ (木). Both characters on its own may also be refer as forest, but together as ‘森林’, it is the more common way to refer to a forest. Technically speaking the word ‘森林’ is means more closely to a ‘dense forest’.

English logotype often likes to incorporate images relating to the word. I often wonder why there aren’t more pictographs been used in the community using Han characters. The best ones I have seen thus far are used by the Japanese (as always :D ).

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  1. july kong said:

    Ah, i have an idea for you. with your good knowledge of both Western and Eastern, why don’t you explore your creative art work to mix with W&E together? In fact, Traditional Chinese has depths of thoughts and meaning in life.

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