Toyota’s Koyo

My last bike ride with the team in Obu City in this exchange was to Toyota. Yes, the city where the car manufacturer originated is also home to a vast area of natural beauty.

My voice was completely gone from a cold on the Tuesday before so I was a bit off on the day of the ride. But when you play, you play hard.

It was a relatively short ride compare to the last 2. That’s good news for me.

For lunch I had the best beef stew ever~ YUM!!!!

This majestic Ginko tree provides a great complimentary colour to the red and green landscape. The trip left me wanting to do more bike rides, but that will have to wait till next time.

Reader Comments (7)

  1. Sophie Andrikopoulos said:

    Truly amazing!

  2. A said:

    You should know the Genko leaves look like, right?

  3. Jane Dahlenburg said:

    That beef stew looks delicious I’ve jsut decided what to have for lunch kare raisu from rolls.

  4. Jacqueline said:

    amazing fall foliage!

  5. Lou said:

    I am wearing your sneakers! I can’t believe you are buying stuff already.

    Sleeping bag and bike bag have arrived back in the office.

    • Karen KY Wong said:

      Thanks Lou!

  6. Lou said:

    Aaaaahahahahaha… your dad is at reception right now and we are laughing about you and your parcels. He is telling us stories, we are telling him about your sneakers! :)

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