The Leading Riders

I worked in many marathons but this is the first time I am in one, not as a runner, but the leading vehicles. Most marathons use motercycles which I often think it affects the head runners with their fumes. So it was touching to hear that Obu’s marathon invited me to join Aisan Cycling Team‘s Suzuki san as the bicycles leading the race.

The marathon is a 1/4 length of the standard marathon. We are to right ahead of the runners an maintain a 10km/h speed. It was quite hard to keep the speed and the front runners were very fast. They were no more than 20m behind us. We circles around the course and near the end we had to negotiate through the children race, no doubt it would be difficult for the front runners too. We got back in less than 30 mins. The last runner was not far behind. Kuno Koshin san finished in 19th place in around 50 mins. If I ran I would take twice as long as his speed…

Suzuki san gave me his windbreaker as a present with the new Wilier sponsor on it and signed my cap. It was a wonderful experience!

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  1. Koshin Kuno said:

    Hi! Karen. Tomorrow(11/20) maybe fine weather. We glad. But are you fine? If you are bad condition at tomorrw morning, you call me please.
    Good Night!

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