Obu to Gamagori return

I am really going to miss this. Riding with good food and interesting things to see along the route to explore. This is what makes riding in Japan such a pleasure.

Kuno san took us to Gamagori and visited different places along the route. There were less stops than our last ride to Chita Hanto.

First stop was the Kariya Children Traffic Safety Park. It reminded me of the traffic safety park I went to in Hong Kong in year 2. I think Australia have them too, but I can’t be sure. We weren’t allow to go into the Go-carts, so just have to make use of the best we’ve got.

As we were riding along the route we passed a number of fields filled with Cosmos.

We passed the foot of Mt Sangane to Gamagori and stopped the park before Takeshima. Takeshima is an island of bamboo and shrines. Unfortunately our schedule did not allow us to cross over and have a look.

We had lunch at a unagi restaurant. Yes, more eels! People here say eels are power food. I can’t disagree with that as we got on the saddle again.

As we rode north again I was gearing up for the headwind that is expected in this region. It didn’t come. For the first time on a flat terrain I couldn’t keep up with the guys in the front. They were flying in the windless condition.

We made a brief stop at Kariya for another group shot.

Here is a composition of some of the riding scenes.

Finally of course the usual feeding frenzy after a good day od riding

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  1. j said:

    Life like this is almost perfect (except not with family members) when after working hard in enjoying riding and viewing beautiful scenery, celebrating with such yummi, tasty HOT good food. I really really envy you!!!

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