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Yay to my water bottle label design!!!


While I was in Japan, I helped the City of Obu design their bottled water label. It’s quite interesting that the city bottles their water and distribute to their municipal events. Awesome opportunity that was given to me by the Water Division! Getting to teach about bike safety as well as illustrating a water bottle [...] Continue Reading »

Bicycles #2



Since I have got a touring bike getting a bike bag was definitely on the list. Bike bags generally are not the most good looking accessory and for a traditional bike, the need to look ‘right’ is very important at least to me). Luckily the trip to Nagoya last year meant I was able to [...] Continue Reading »

Lou, this is for you


Relaxing Maneki Neko, a photo by akakumo on Flickr. There is no cat cafe in Obu but I heard there is one in Nagoya. I might check it out before I go. Tokyo and Osaka probably have the most cat cafes in the country. For now Lou, here is an unusual maneki neko.

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